[Opening Time]

Mon. ~ Fri.
08:30~17:30 ; 18:30~21:30

09:00~12:00 ; 13:00~16:00


Hours for winter and summer vacations will be posted on the library website.

Location: the 4th floor of library
Phone: Ext.2451
[Database Searching and Multimedia Resources]


Located on the 4th floor of library, we mainly (primarily) provide readers with database searching and digital information resources.

Until now, we have offered readers approximately 150 different English and Chinese databases for searching. In the future, we will continue to update and purchase new databases. If you would like to know all the databases, you can log onto the website for the library and click "Library Databases" on the left side of the index to get further information.

In addition, we provide readers with 17 computers for database searching and thesis papers transforming revision. Digital Information Resources contain CD、DVD、VCD、 TAPE、VIDEO、microform and LD.

We do not lend the resources for using outside of our department. However, readers may take their student ID cards to our department if they would like to use those digital resources. We provide readers with 24 TV sets with DVD players, 3 CD and TAPE players and one machine for reading the microform materials. If 4 to 10 readers would like to watch the same movie together, then they may reserve the VIP room with a student ID card.

[Database Searching]


The department is equipped with computers, printers (both color and black and white) and scanner to let readers search the databases and e-Journal or other professional reference and information.

=How to use=
  1. First you have to exchange a number card with your library entering card at the circulation desk.
  2. Register your identity before you use.
  3. After finish using, return the number card at the circulation desk to get back your library-entering card.
The passage to search the database:
The index of National Sun Yat-Sen University Library ->Library Databases

Authentication will be required from off campus; therefore, residence permit number and birth date will be needed. More details will be provided through the following passage:
Home of National Sun Yat-sen University Library -> Library Databases -> Off Campus Access

=The Lecture of Teaching You How to Use Library Database=

We offer various classes to introduce the instruction of using different kinds of databases to readers. The classes include the instruction of using library database and other useful resources, such as newspapers, conference theses, electronic theses of NSYSU.

The followings are the three ways of attending our classes:
  1. routine class: We would deliver the courses to different departments each month. If you would like to know the timetable and to obtain the application form, please log on the website below for further information: link here
  2. You could gather at least 10 people to apply to the circulation desk for the class you need .
  3. Course cooperating with professors. Applied to us by the professor to help students attain the basic training of using library resources.
[Multimedia Resources]

=How to use=
  1. Use inside the library: It’s the rule that all the digital materials are used inside the library. Students can’t borrow out the materials. If you would like to use the digital resources, please exchange the number card with your student ID card.
  2. For NSYSU Staff: Based on the requirement of teaching, teachers could borrow out the resources. (Please take your faculty card to identify your identity)
  3. VIP room: It could be applied for use as long as there are more than 3 people. The service target and charging criteria are all as the same as that of the instruction.
=Charging criteria=
  1. Free: NSYSU staff and student, alumni.
  2. NT$40/60 min: Alumni, credit-earning course student and extension education student, library friends’ borrower card.
  3. NT$50/60 min: School visitor.
  1. It’s not allowed to bring your own DVD to watch in our department.
  2. It’s prohibited to copy our resources on your own.
  3. If the machine malfunctions due to your improper usage, it’s your responsibility to make compensation.