Off Campus Access

Attention Note

  1. If you cannot connect successfully, please use the “incognito mode” to login or clear your browser’s cookie.
  2. It is prohibited to use bots to download database articles. Please respect other user’s right.
  3. Google Scholar to find electronic resource settings.
  4. Instructions for use:

All electronic resources provided by this guide page, except for the free resources that are displayed as Free, have no usage restrictions, the rest are paid electronic resources. Due to the contract with the manufacturer, they can only be provided to the current faculty and students of the school. So you need to meet the following requirements before you can log in and use the library with the account and password of the library card:

  1. Term of Fair Use:

As the various electronic resources and electronic journals provided by the library are mostly paid databases subscribed by the school, and there is a use contract signed with the publisher. The following are the general rules of use stipulated in several contracts, please be sure to abide by them when you use the database. If there is a major violation, it may damage the rights and interests of all teachers and students in the school, and you must take full legal responsibility.

You can:

You cannot:

For detailed usage specifications of each database, please refer to the announcement on its website. If the personal account password is provided to alumni or outsiders to use various electronic resources of the school off-campus, and there is a major violation, they must also be jointly and severally liable.

  1. If you still have questions about how to connect to the database, please contact the us in the following ways.